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Fax: 425-837-6910
Report Absence: 425-837-6900

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For a complete list of emails and phone numbers of our staff, please visit the Maywood Staff Directory on the Issaquah School District Website

Please click below on any teacher's name to be connected to his/her classroom website.

LA/SS Math Science Electives

Mrs. Atkins

Mrs. Craig

Mrs. Gloersen

Ms. Kissinger

Mr. Krein

Mrs. Lindeberg

Mr. May

Ms. Miele

Ms. Monroe

Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Nadell

Mrs. Norman

Mrs. Redmon

Mrs. Richardson

Mrs. Swan

Mrs. Tolonen

Mr. Valeri

Ms. Voskes

Mrs. Winegar

Mrs. Allison

Mrs. Briggs

Mrs. Buck

Mr. Ciraulo

Mrs. Craig

Mrs. McGrath

Ms. Monroe

Mrs. Siler

Mrs. Toborg

Mrs. Weik

Mrs. Wright

Mrs. Chang

Mrs. Crouch

Mr. Gegwich

Mr. Gillingham

Mrs. Graettinger

Mrs. Kersten

Mr. Shipp

Mrs. Dalpez

Mr. Eggers

Ms. Geiser

Mr. Goldner

Ms. Hupp

Ms. Neff

Mr. Sullivan

Ms. Sunmark

Mrs. Toborg

Mrs. Watkins

Mr. Wessel

Mrs. Wood

Admin and Support Staff Position Phone
Alexander, Denise Bookkeeper 837-6902
Collin, Ann Educational Assistant 837-6903
Conner, Joanne Speech and Language Pathologist 837-6950
Cossette, Jeannie Attendance Secretary 837-6907
Cristel, Dianne Educational Assistant 837-6904
Dahlin, Michael Librarian 837-6958
Duchesneau, Mary Kitchen Staff 837-6961
Eggers, Steve Athletic Director 837-6954
Ellis, Kris Registrar 837-6909
Harris, Jane Assistant Principal 837-6906
Kidwell, Merrily Educational Assistant 837-6904
Loreen, Dawn Receptionist 837-6903
Luther, Dick Counselor A-K 837-6916
Malla, Elizabeth Educational Assistant 837-6903
Mathis, Glen Psychologist 837-6917
Meitzel, Jill Kitchen 837-6961
Morse, Jason  Principal 837-6904
O'Neill, Katie Counselor L-Z 837-6915
Peterson, Bonnie Kitchen 837-6961
Schreiner, Jean Principal's Secretary 837-6904
Scully, Mary Joy Educational Assistant 837-6958
Siemons, Kim Educational Assistant 837-6904
Teel, Betty Educational Assistant 837-6939
Tremblay, Kelsey Educational Assistant 837-6904
Walker, Patricia Educational Assistant 837-6939
Warren, Phyllis Health Room Assistant 837-6914
Williams, Kathy      Nurse 837-6905
Wilson, Ben Tech Specialist 837-6963
Woods, Judith Kitchen 837-6961
Wright, Tracie Educational Assistant 837-6945
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